Model : RLE
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Garansi 1 tahun
Izin Edar
Kementrian Kesehatan RI Nomor : AKL-21403515416


Model RLE has a remarkably elegant, almost futuristic design to it. The connector to connect the radiator to a stand, ceiling or wall arm as well as handles and operator control with digital timer switch visually blend in with the plastic enclosure which gives the design its coherent note.

The brand new internal construction is outstanding because it is different from typical radiators on the health market. Special reflectors radiate infrared light to the desired areas of the body in order to avoid direct radiation of the skin. The big advantage in doing this is that the impinging radiation does not come in spots but stretches out evenly over the whole body area. This way the efficiency factor increases and patients will not experience a burning sensation ever again


Keunggulan :

Desain elegan dan modern
sudah di lengkapi dengan timer digital
Mudah di operasikan
mobiltas tinggi di karena kan di lengkapi stand penyanggah yang sudah di lengkapi roda
terdapat pengaman pada area lampu
Terdapat 2 mode grup lampu

Spesifikasi :                  

Model : RLE

4 Infrared light bulbs at 250 watts

Switchable in two groups

Supply voltage 230 v AC, 50/60 Hz

Noiseless timer switch with digital display
Noiseless digital timer
Dimension : 28.35x16.93x8.27 inch
Power input : 1000 watt
Level 1 : 500 watt
Level 2 : 1000 watt
Current comsumption :  4.34 A
Fuses : 5 a time - lag
Wavelength range : 500 - 2500 nm (╬╗max = 1075 nm)
Measurement of the field if 19.69 inch : 35.43 x 35.43 inch


Konfigurasi Standar :
Infrared lamp main unit   : 1 unit
Lamp                                    : 4 pcs
Mobile Stand                      : 1 unit

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