Model : ES-103MIC
Availability: Indent
Rp 12,900,000,-
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Garansi 1 tahun
Izin Edar
Kementrian Kesehatan RI Nomor : AKL-21101613472


It is the device to listen the heart pulse of fetus in the most simple way and can exactly diagnose the condition of fetus, placenta location or the abnormality like the hydatidiform moles in early pregnancy and can be used as the monitor during the deliverly.
As it applied the doppler effect of ultrasonic, it causes no hazards to human body and is simple to use. The heart pulse of fetus can be sound-recorded and the pregnant woman can also listen to it. Therefore, she can maintain the psychological stability.


  •  Alat mudah dibawa kemana-mana
  •  Denyut jantung janin dapat direkam sehingga dapat di dengarkan oleh pasien
  •  Fetal heart rate tertampil pada display LED
  •  Mudah digunakan untuk mendengarkan detak jantung janin




Power Source

Charging Power : AC 100~230V, 50/60Hz, Free Voltage

Operating Power : DC  9.6V, 500mAh, NiCd Battery

Ultrasonic Frequency

2.25 MHz

Ultrasonic Output     

9 mW/cm2

Low Frequency Output

500 mW

FHR (Fetal Heart Rate)

Display :  LED (3-digit of 7-segment)
Measuring Range :  30~210 bpm
Accuracy :  ±3 bpm

Case Dimension

W236 x H96 x D207 mm
Net Weight 3.7 ㎏
Accessories One (1) Probe and Probe Holder
Two (2) Fuse, AC250V/0.5A
Environment Conditions ㆍ Altitudes up to 2,000 meters.
ㆍ Temperature range of +5℃ to +40℃.
ㆍ Maximum relative humidity of 80%.
ㆍ Main supply voltage fluctuation of ±10% of nominal.
ㆍ Installation Category (Overvoltage Category) Ⅱ,   Pollution Degree  2.

Konfigurasi Standard

  • 2 Spare fuses 
  • 1 Probe and probe holder     
  • 1 Main unit     

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